Car Audio Repair at Jeffs Professional Audio

We have experience working on radio and stereo repair and installation for all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUV’s, and boats. There are different styles and complexities to how a car stereo may be hooked up. It may be part of an all-in-one system that includes your navigation or DVD player. You may have flip down or slide out monitors.

Someone with technical know-how will see how it is all connected to make sure that while fixing one aspect, they are not causing unnecessary navigation repair other audio problems. With so many variations in systems, you definitely want to make sure someone who has knowledge of your particular system is the one handling the repair.

From repairing the speaker, amps, CD players that skip or won't read the CD’s, and AM & FM problems, our car audio repair and installation specialists are here to help. Some newer companies may not be as familiar with older models of cars that still have cassette players or what appear to have somewhat “ancient” systems, but our technicians do.

Our electronics repair specialists can even make some suggestions about which system can best suit your needs and type of vehicle. Whether it is a factory or aftermarket product, we have the skills to fix whatever problems may arise. For instance, you'll need a factory system adapter to integrate an aftermarket stereo into your vehicle's premium sound system and our radio technicians will know which ones work best. 


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